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      Hi! My name is Erin, and welcome to my little corner of the internet—thanks for visiting!

      I am a 39-year-old independently-published novelist and author of fiction, the best of which you'll find right here on this site. I have many more works-in-progress (and I am bursting with excitement for each!), so my inventory will grow as my body of work does. I would love to one day sign with a publisher, but for now, I am blazing a trail all on my own, and loving everything about it—from creating my original stories to designing this website and everything in between, I've learned so much, and only find myself more and more in love with writing and creating every day. I specialize in medieval and contemporary romance, and dabble in fantasy, and even a tiny bit of sci-fi/fantasy.

      I have worked with the publishing wizards at for four years now, and in November 2016, I participated in NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writer's Month, which occurs every year from November 1-30. That life-changing endeavor resulted in my novel Nightshade, which is currently available at a number of online retailers.

      I am a mother of three: my grown daughter Amber gave birth to Arthas, my first grandchild, in March of 2017. They now live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I miss them like crazy! I also have two younger kids, my son Elijah and youngest, daughter Lily. I have been happily married to my radio personality husband Daniel for 12 years, and we have lived in Plattsmouth, Nebraska (near Omaha) just over a year now, where we relocated from Bismarck North Dakota last year. I was born, raised and lived for 33 years in the Pacific Northwest, residing in Seattle-area cities such as Renton and Burien, and the Emerald City will always be my home. But I've taken well to being a newly-minted small town girl—next stop on our adventure takes us back to the big city: Cincinnati, Ohio!

      In addition to penning novels, I also blog about the writing and publishing process and historical architecture, as well as a subject that has affected me personally since my teens: living with depression and anxiety.

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