Lace Curtains cover art
Coming in 2020

Available in 2022 under the pseudonym Elena Foxworth

The Lakes are a family made up of strong, independent women. Saoirse is a junior at England's prestigious Cambridge University; Soleil is a successful fashion model based out of Paris; their mother Isla is an art curator at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan; and grandmother Adelaide is a celebrated painter living in Syracuse. This close-knit though far-flung group of women are suddenly brought back together at Adelaide's Lake Huron home in Canada when Soleil is assaulted at a fashion industry event. Together, these women will face the aftermath of trauma and try to come to terms with the injustice of a brutal reality.

Lace Curtains

Coming in 2023

On 19 March 1612, during the infamous Pendle Witch Trials in Lancashire, England, nine-year-old Jennet DeVice shocks Britain when she declares to the packed gallery that her mother, along with most of her family, is a witch.


The DeVice family is imprisoned, tortured and ultimately hanged in front of a vitriolic gathering of the people, for consorting with the devil. Meanwhile, young Jennet, her motives for condemning her own family to the gallows unknown, mysteriously disappears.


This is the story of a young girl caught up in a dark world of sorcery, persecution and lies, and the lengths to which she must go to survive.

Sorcery at Lancashire

Coming in 2021


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