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Haylia: The Girl With All of the Titles


A note on date structure & naming












Full name: Haylia Olessa Daphne Ashworth Maquesta Rothford


Age: 22 ~ Nameday: Summer of the Year of the Sapphire Dragon, Century One, Age of Diamonds (2su.3008)


Height: 5'9" ~ Hair color: platinum blonde ~ Eye color: topaz blue ~ Nationality: Anglica'an


Titles: High Princess of Anglica'a (called Your Grace), Crown Princess of Aesha'an, Duchess of Majere (Your Highness), Crown Princess of the Sister Kingdoms, Duchess of Majere (Your Highness), [later] High Princess of Kartha'an and the Sister Kingdoms, Duchess of Roma (Your Grace), sitting Queen of the Sister Kingdoms, Duchess of Majere (Your Majesty)


Spouse: Liam Maquesta (d.), Crown Prince of Aesha'an, firstborn son of King Gavin (2 years), [later] Altair Rothford, High Prince of Kartha'an, second son of King Lancel



Princess Haylia Olessa Daphne Ashworth was born in the summer of the Year of the Sapphire Dragon, Century One, Age of Diamonds (Summer, Sapphire Dragon, C1, Diamonds ~or~ 2su.3008); to Queen Olessa Berring Ashworth of Anglica’a, High Princess of Anglica’a and Rohannon; and King Aleck III Ashworth (d.) of Anglica’a, Duke of Ashworth. Delivered at the Ashworth Palace, High Seat of Anglica’a in the capital city of Ashworth, Haylia is the daughter of the King of Anglica’a, making her a High Princess of the realm. Princess Haylia married Duke Liam of Majere, Crown Prince of Aesha’an, son of King Gavin; in Winter, Sapphire Wyvern, C1, Diamonds (3wi.3028); at the Maquesta Fortress; becoming Princess Haylia Ashworth Maquesta of Anglica’a, Crown Princess of Aesha’an, Duchess of Majere. Liam and Haylia are the wouldbe king and queen of Aesha’an—but the events of this story prevent that: following the deaths of King Gavin and the Crown Prince Liam, Haylia is widowed; she later marries the new self-styled king High Prince Altair of Kartha’an, Duke of Roma, becoming Queen Haylia Ashworth Rothford of Aesha’an, High Princess of Kartha’an and Anglica’a, Duchess of Roma and Majere. Our story begins in Spring, Indigo Phoenix, C1, Diamonds (3sp.3031).



Haylia Ashworth was what every little girl imagines when they dream of being a princess: the daughter of the king and queen, adored by her people, beautiful, intelligent, warm and wanting for nothing. As a female, Haylia would not inherit the throne of Anglica’a, but she would nonetheless be a queen.



Born in the Ashworth Palace, Haylia was the assumed intended of the future king of Aesha’an—then himself only an infant—from day one. Princes and princesses of the Sister Kingdoms had been marrying one another for centuries, and Liam and Haylia would be no exception. Haylia was schooled in the ways of a queen beginning at age three (the traditional age at which a highborn individual’s education began), and she took to it like a fish to water. Possessing a natural grace and charm, it seemed the princess had been born with a queenly disposition—not an unusual thing for the daughter of one, but Haylia was exceptional. And it was not only etiquette and decorum in which Haylia excelled. She had a sharp intelligence, a mind that seemed to absorb facts and figures like a sponge. Haylia would not only look good on the throne; she would truly belong on it.



The princess did not lack for admirers during her formative years. Indeed, she was hardly more than a toddler when little gentlemen her age began bringing her flowers and kissing her hand. She was kind to all of them, but she was not one to daydream. She knew her path in life, and she was happy to walk it. By the age of twelve she was fully aware of her destiny and the weight it carried. And one could hardly ask more than what the handsome, charismatic and fun-loving Prince Liam had to offer. For Haylia, marriage didn’t need to be a love story, only successful; and she was hardly ignorant of some of the… less desirable aspects of being married to such an important man.



Just as everyone had foreseen, and had been officially arranged years before, Haylia married Liam at age twenty, and her fairytale continued… for a time.



Just months into her marriage, Haylia awoke in the middle of the night with a fist of agony in her belly. Throwing back the the covers, she discovered she was bleeding heavily under her dressing gown.



She hadn’t even known—for sure—that she was with child, but she knew that she was now, and she was losing it.



The first miscarriage was disheartening, and Haylia fell into a depression in its wake. She knew of women who had miscarried once, and never found themselves pregnant again. But soon her misgivings evaporated, for she discovered she was once again expecting.



The second miscarriage was devastating. With each failed pregnancy, the odds of carrying one to term shrank. With the third, she had nearly come to expect it, which made it no less heartbreaking. By the fourth, Haylia was seriously beginning to fear for her future. Liam was by far not a cruel man, but he was one with duties and expectations to fulfill, especially now that his kingdom had doubled in size, and he had the legal right to end their marriage in favor of a potentially more fruitful one. What if he took a highborn mistress, and she fell pregnant? Once it became apparent that she could carry it and birth a healthy child, Liam could quietly divorce Haylia and marry his mistress, and those who cared need not necessarily know that she was already with child. It had been done before, throughout history.



Her educators and her royal parents had done their best to prepare her for the life out in the “real world”—but for a child, hearing one thing, but only really observing another, their lessons had had an abstract affect at best. Now, reality had fully set in, and for one who had only ever known good fortune, it was a shock that sent her reeling.



Alas, the once-storybook narrative of the life of Princess Haylia would only continue to crumble.