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Part One of the Sons of Kings trilogy (formerly The Second Sons). When a damaged, jilted prince sets out on an extreme quest for revenge, a kingdom and its queen hang in the balance. Aesha'an's usurped young king must plot to take back his father's legacy, and the crown jewel of his life: the wife that he adores.

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Princess Belladonna lost her beloved husband Dmitrian five years ago to the horrors of war. Now deeply in love with and engaged to marry his brother Nikolaj, she is stunned by Dmitrian's sudden return. Haunted by a lengthy captivity of an unusual nature, Dmitrian is broken and forever changed. While Bella desperately attempts to sort out her feelings and decide whether to move forward or recapture her past, Prince Dmitrian finds his heart drawn to Lady Colette, his wife's handmaiden. Meanwhile, the details of his unspeakable imprisonment come to light.

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Actress Soleil Aurora is devastated by the sudden on-set death of her boyfriend, stunt driver Orlando, when a dangerous scene goes tragically wrong. As they mourn his death together under the harsh lights of Hollywood, Soleil and his colleague Alaric form a tight bond that blossoms into something far deeper than either imagined. Together, they grapple with the guilt and confusion surrounding their feelings for each other--feelings that might never have existed, if not for the unimaginable sacrifice of a man they both loved. Ultimately, they each must find within themselves the answer to an impossible question: is this simply a desperate, selfish way of coping... or have they found something real?

Under the pseudonym

Elena Foxworth