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I'm Not Going Anywhere

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

A little stuck on the blogging front lately.

The big reason is that my novels are pulling my attention away, which is fantastic. Fiction is my greatest passion, and it will always take precedence over anything else.

But I do want to keep blogging.

I want to keep blogging about living with MDD, because I believe it's important to spread awareness and reach out to others who might feel alone, and let them know they're not.

I want to keep blogging about the writing and publishing process, because I want to encourage others to chase their dreams like I've been so lucky to be able to do.

But sticking to two niches can start to feel monotonous (and harping), so I also want to blog about other things. I just don't know what those other things are yet, and that's where I'm stuck. I'm not done blogging! But I want to expand a bit, add a third, maybe a fourth niche, then maybe blog once a week about each of the three or four.

Until then, I'll continue posting at least once a week, alternating between writing and MDD, and spend the extra time I now find myself with spinning tales and working on finishing The Exile for publication next year, the earlier the better.

Then maybe I'll finish the trilogy sometime before I die of extreme old age. Because I have so many other ideas I want to get to! But Sons of Kings comes first.

Preview Sons of Kings: The Siege here, and pick up a copy here .

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